Invocation: A Paranormal Alliance Destined to Fight the Powers of Darkness

Clayton York, a gifted man who can see and interact with the spirit world, returns with all of his friends, both of the corporeal and the non-corporeal variety, to once again fight the powers of darkness. Join this unlikely group as they continue to follow where God leads.
Working to uncover the truth behind a rash of unexplainable malevolent events on the rise, Clayton and the others find themselves quickly drawn into an unfamiliar world filled with powerful and unexpected new allies. Together they must race to uncover an evil plot before it can reach fulfillment.
Spiritual forces converge in a battle of good versus evil, as God’s chosen, work to quickly uncover the enemy and the secrets they hide. In pursuit of answers to an imminent threat, this undeterred group of warriors must follow cryptic clues and learn to trust what they do not understand.
Clay’s recently new-found Faith was once instrumental in saving the world from demons. Now he must hold on to everything he believes as he comes to learn just how powerful God can be when one is open to all the possibilities that His mysterious ways can provide.

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